About RealAudio™ files:

The sound and movie files on these pages were created using RealMedia. The files can be streamed, so that there is almost no download delay involved to watch or hear the multimedia files on this site.

Whenever you see this symbol on this site, there is a RealMedia file that you can watch or listen to. You must have a RealMedia player installed on your system to be able to hear or see these files. The RealMedia player is available at no cost from Real Networks.

None of the files on this site require the RealPlayer G2, since not all platforms are compatible with this new format.

Click here to download the free RealPlayer. A fully featured RealPlayer Plus version is also available.

The RealPlayer is available for the following Operating Systems:
Windows 3.1x/Windows 95      
Windows NT
Mac OS 7.x
and several flavors of UNIX

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This page updated June 1, 1999.

Many thanks to Dave Haber for this informational page. Please visit his Internet Beatles Album, as well as his Rutles site, Tragical History Tour.