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Warner Bros. 8 Track Tape

Because of the size of the 8-Track Tape package, Warner Bros. sold the 8-Track version of The Rutles album without the booklet telling the story of the Rutles. Instead, a card was included instructing buyers to write to Warner Bros. for a free copy of the booklet, to be received by mail. (This is the exact same card as was included with the cassette copies of the album. See the Audiocassette page for a better picture of the card.) As with the cassette, this obviously wasn't appealing enough to justify a sticker on the front of the 8-Track tape reading "Free Tape With The Purchase Of This Promissary Card."

As one would expect, the sequence of songs has been completely jumbled in order to make four programs of about equal length. The sequence is as follows:

1) Hold My Hand - With a Girl Like You - I Must Be In Love - Love Life
2) Number One - Ouch! - Nevertheless - Doubleback Alley
3) Living in Hope - Good Times Roll - Let's Be Natural
4) Cheese and Onions - Another Day - Piggy in the Middle