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The Warner Bros. Promotional Campaign

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Warner started their promotional efforts with a Christmas postcard (left) that was mailed to radio station programmers and the music press in December of 1977, teasing the upcoming arrival of The Rutles, in an echo of Capitol Records 1964 awareness campaign for the Beatles.

This was just the first in a series of seven creative and funny postcards that were mailed out prior to the airing of the NBC special. Three further postcards were sent out after the show aired.

A great many pinback buttons were distributed as well, the first teasing "The Rutles Are Coming." Other buttons followed.

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Link to pictures of EP A special 12-inch yellow vinyl promotional sampler (left) containing five Rutles songs was issued to radio stations, and a promotional single (right) of "I Must Be In Love" was released to radio stations in the US. Link to pictures of single

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