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Link to Warner Bros. Press Kit Warner Bros. put out a terrific and comprehensive Press Kit (left), took out a number of ads announcing the album, and issued a number of other promotional items.

Warner Bros. also sponsored record listening parties for the press and radio programmers throughout the country, at which even the cocktail napkins were custom-printed.

 Link to Listening Party Pages
Test Pressing Label

As further proof of Warner Bros. confidence in The Rutles, the album would be among the first to spearhead Warner's drive for a higher list price. At that time, standard list price for LPs was $7.98; The Rutles would be one of three new Warner Bros. releases to sport the new $8.98 list price, as noted in the info sheet accompanying this test pressing of the LP.

There also seems to have been some thought given to releasing "Hold My Hand" as a single. An acetate of the song has surfaced, but I have no idea what company made it (Warner Bros. UK or US?) or when. The recording appears to be the same as that on the LP. (Courtesy of Von and Marshall Cannon)

Hold My Hand Acetate

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