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Rhino Rides to the Rescue

Rhino Rutles CD Longbox

Although Warner Bros Records had let The Rutles album go out of print, interest was building in the music people could hear in the home video releases of All You Need Is Cash. It was widely believed that Rhino Records, having now grown to major respectability on the quality of its vintage music reissues, was going to reissue the album. The Compact Disc had by this time supplanted the LP as the major music release media. Rhino negotiated the rights not only to the songs on the original Warner Bros. LP, but also the six other songs that were heard in All You Need Is Cash, but not issued on the LP. They also spent the money to allow Neil Innes to mix those six songs in stereo for their appearance on the Rhino CD. A release date was set in late 1989, but legal wrangling over royalties on the six new songs delayed the release until July 16, 1990.

Rhino didn't skimp on the CD packaging. Although not as elaborate as the Warner Bros. packaging, Rhino did include a lovely fold-out history of The Rutles which reproduces much of the material that was in the Warner Bros. booklet. Rhino went the extra mile, and put out a re-issue that was almost everything a Rutles fan could have hoped for. To date, the Rhino album has only been issued on CD.

The Rhino CD is still in print, and can be purchased from local record shops, on-line stores, and even direct from Rhino Records.

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