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Rutles Highway Revisited

Things were also heating up in other ways on The Rutles front. Not only were the original Rutles songs being reissued, but a Rutles tribute album was soon released.

Rutles Highway Revisited, a tribute to The Rutles, with songs by a host of respected underground and alternative artists, was put out by Shimmy Disc on December 8, 1990. The variety of artists involved reveals the wide-ranging and continuing influence of The Rutles.

The multinational group of musicians contributing to the 20 tracks on the album include Syd Straw, Shonen Knife, Bongwater, and Galaxie 500.

The liner notes feature a new interview with Ron Nasty (as written by Neil Innes), who provides his thoughts on the tribute album's tracks as they are played for him. This alone is worth the price of the album. It was issued on LP, cassette, and CD. The CD is still in print. Check with your local record shop to order a copy, or order directly from Shimmy Disc.

Throughout this period, rumors flowed and ebbed about a follow-up to All You Need Is Cash. Spearheaded by Neil Innes, it was to be called Rutlemania: A Nasty Business. It was at various times described as a video sequel or a book. Unfortunately, it never came to fruition.

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